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  • In-house Lab Testing - Blood testing helps us to establish healthy baseline values and identify problems early before obvious signs of illness occur. It also helps us to monitor pets on medications.  With our in-house lab we can get much needed information fast.
  • Individualized Care - Not all pets are the same, that is why we believe in taking the time to visit with you and your pet to determine the best       treatment plan.
  • Vaccinations - We will discuss with you what the right vaccine protocol is for your pet.
  • Dentistry - A healthy mouth is a vital part in keeping your pet healthy and happy for years to come. 
  • Wellness Exams - Wellness exams are an important part in screening for disease.  We recommend yearly wellness exams for all of our patients.
  • Cruciate Ligament Repair - We offer surgery to repair cruciate ligament injuries.  Our doctors will discuss the best approach for your pet.
  • General Surgery - All of our doctors enjoy performing many different surgeries from growth removals to spays and neuters.· Behavior Consults - Our technicians have studied a wide variety of behavior problems and are happy to help find solutions for any issues your pet may have. 
  • Prescription Diets - We offer a variety of prescription diets, including; Purina, Hills and Royal Canin. All of our diets can be purchased directly from our online pharmacy and shipped to your home.
  • Digital Radiographs- With our new digital radiographs we are able to have much quicker results and less time with the patient under sedation or away from it's owner. We are also able to email radiographs to any specialist with out any delay.
  • Therapeutic Laser Treatment- Proven to reduce inflammation, help with arthritis, excel healing time, and many other benefits. We offer packages for multiple treatments.