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Covid-19 Updates

COVID-19 Curbside Policy 


In light of the CDC’s recommendations regarding COVID-19, we are taking additional steps to practice social distancing.  Please remember that we are not generally fans of social distancing, we LOVE interacting with our clients face to face.  Because we think of you all as family, we want to make sure to keep you safe. 

In order to keep our clients and team safe, we are instituting the following changes, effective immediately:

-If you have an appointment scheduled and you are ill, immunocompromised or quarantined due to exposure of COVID-19;

1. Please reschedule your pet’s appointment until you are fully recovered. 

2. If you pet needs to be seen for an urgent matter, please have someone else bring your pet in for you. 


-If you have an appointment scheduled;

1. When you arrive for your appointments please call the office.  A technician will speak with you and then meet you at your car to bring your pet inside the building for care.

2. All dogs must be on a leash.  For extra safety we will be placing an extra slip lead on your pet before walking in the parking lot. This is to help ensure your pet's safety on this busy road. All cats must be in a secure pet carrier.

3. Once the exam has been performed, the doctor will call you from the office. We do ask that you have your phone available while you wait.

4. Your pet will be returned to you when the appointment is complete. 

5. We will either collect payment over the phone before you leave or you can provide payment to the staff member when your pet is returned to you. 

*Exceptions to the policy may be made in certain circumstances at our discretion.

-If you are picking up medications or food.

1. Call ahead to place your order and provide payment over the phone. 

2. Once you arrive to pick up the medication, call us from your car and we will deliver them directly to your car.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 802-878-3713.